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Revolution Unity Story

Revolution Unity (REVU) Warriors were once part of the evil M.O.B., (Men Of Bank), in their pursuit of intergalactic control over the universal “life-force blood” known as “The Essence”.

That is UNTIL they learned of the M.O.B.’s true intentions to enslave every living organism in existence.

Now they are willing to be allied with any righteous forces of good, who seek to destroy the M.O.B. and restore harmony and fair trade of “The Essence” at any cost, by any means necessary.


NFTs Collections

The Revolution Warrior collection is an exclusive 500 piece unique NFT collection. Including ultra rare and super rare revu warriors.

Our Roadmap

The development team is in phase 2 of 5 of our Revolution Unity development. Our primary focus for this collection is utility and innovation. Bringing every aspect of NFT development and incorporating it with Defi
Launch of Revu NFT Collection
Mint Revu Warriors on Unitydefi | List on Unidefi NFT Marketplace | Begin NFT Staking Development
NFT Staking
NFT Staking Compund | NFT Staking Marketplace | Play to Earn Mobile App | Unitydefi Mobile | NFT Index Listings
Web3 Partneships | Multi-Chain NFT capability | VIP Rewards for Revu NFT Owners | Commercial NFT Integration | Apparel Commercial Brand Integration | Revolution Unity Gaming Development
Large Commercial Brand Partnerships | Revolution Unity 30 page Doc network integration | Launch of Mobillian NFT GEN3 Collection | VIP access airdrop to REVU NFT Owners



The NFT Staking Compound

The NFT Staking Compound is our newly released NFT staking marketplace with special features allowing for compounding reward opportunities

You can stake your Revu Warrior on

1.You will first go to Owners of a Revu NFT Warrior will be able to enter the NFT staking pool and begin staking your NFT asset for Unityventures $UV Token rewards

(Unityventures token $UV: The native token and store of value forour Defi platform Additionally it is/will be the governance token for the entire ecosystem of RYI Unity.)

2. At anytime, one can claim these rewards and then go to (our Crypto staking page) and stake your $UV rewards for the NEW reward. In this case $WBNB.

(Wrapped Binance token $WBNB: The Binance Smart Chain Native token)

3. You are now receiving $UV for staking your NFT and now you will receive $WBNB for staking your $UV. Keep in mind, these are your rewards working for you!

4. The next step is to claim your $WBNB and stake your $WBNB on and receive our frictionless yield token RYI Unity $RYIU token.

(RYI Unity $RYIU: RYIU is our Blockchain company native token. It is a frictionless yield aggregator which enables holders the ability to receive frictionless RYIU rewards right to their wallet. It also serves as our payment solutions token for our future point of sale platforms and commercial business solutions.)

Coming soon! You will then claim your $RYIU token rewards from staking your $WBNB and stake it for even more Crypto.

First Block 1 to 15 days: You Must stake for 15 days without un-staking your NFT in order to receive your rewards for the 15 day period and a significant % increase in APR.

Second Block 15–30 days: On day 15 your rewards increase and long as you stake until day 30 you will receive your 15–30 day rewards and a significant % increase in APR

Third Block 31 to 90 days: On day 30 your rewards increase again and long as you stake until day 90 you will receive your 30–90 day rewards and significant % increase in APR


Meet our Team

Marketing Director
Lead NFT Artist
Solidity Developer
NFT development, mint and marketing department.
UnityDefi a division of RYI Unity LLC has launched its own NFT development, mint and marketing department. Through here all walks of NFT clients from artists to developers and shoppers of collections can get their fill of new age NFT culture in ANY capacity of conceptualization, design, development, digitization, production, collecting and collection management. At it's core, NFT's will be the early focus, next stages will see a new gen digital rights management technology the world has never seen before, to protect the artists work from untoward plagiarism and theft.

Awesome service!

We strive to bring our community of investors large scale utility for their assets and commitment to long term success for years to come. RoadToTop 100 Blockchain Company
Jon Wier
CEO Of RYI Unity llc.

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